Two great individuals sharing one passion, can truly achieve amazing things. The enthusiasm Ralf Mäser and Sonja Mäser-Luksch share and have for quality confectionery and pastry, resulted in creating MAELU. Their shared love for seductive, sensual creations turned into a real partnership.

Their recipe of success is the fascination for creative delights. MAELU has the ambition to further strengthen its position among the best national and international confectionery manufacturers, even-though performing traditional craft, they grow through innovative ideas and energy.

The result of this is visible in every single creation. MAELU has established a reputation for being the epitome of sensual taste experience, extending further than national boundaries.

The Café MAELU located in the Theatinerstraße 32 is the place in Munich that has established high quality bakery goods for true connoisseurs. The Café MAELU in the heart of Munich is a gathering place for curious, diverse people reaching out to a taste experience. Young and ageless people, open to seductive, artistic indulgence. In the cosmopolitan city international fair commingles with traditional Munich lifestyle.

When entering the ground door of MAELU, a modern shop awaits marveled customers.In the upper level of MAELU, a classy Café with fastidious ambiance awaits you. The excellent, delicate taste of MAELU coffee raises the enjoyment when combined with the lovely sweet delicacies forming an unforgettable experience. Of course all products are ideal takeaways – as small surprises and wonderful gifts they likewise thrill young and old. Presents coming from the heart that are softly deliquescing on the tongue.

Image: Ralf Maeser, Sonja Maeser-Luksch, Founder of MAELU