MAELU is proud about the creations of traditional craftsmanship, which are being made in a bakery in Munich, with the use of modern production facilities. MAELU views itself as a traditional craftsman enterprise with specific attention to the smallest details. The companies‘ creations stand in contrast to all the soulless mass products in our world today.

The production is always under  
observation from a master confectioner, who has the expertise to present the creations in a sophisticated way and to sustain a high level of quality. Our macarons, tarts, and all other delicacies are freshly prepared daily by hand. This results in creative and unique specialties made masterly by hand and elaborately decorated with love. The creations are full of emotions and awarded with the quality label of MAELU, wearing the predicate „Original Münchner Kunsthandwerk“ (‘‘Original Munich Craftsmanship“).